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Hey all! First I’d like to say I appreciate this forum so so much. Over the last year I have been building my CX just yesterday I had it completely put back together and running great. Until a series of bad luck which cause me to pull the engine.

Back story - I had a failed mechanic seal, bought a new one and tried to press it in but was not able to seal it correctly.

I then Honed the inlet out slightly but did a poor job and when test riding my bike for the first time I clearly got oil and coolant mixed in my engine.

I may have already had a failed head gasket but since I pulled the engine to finally do the mech seal the correct way I mine as well replace some gaskets.
My question is, what else should I change while I have the motor out, and what should I do as far as cleaning out the motor after all the goo has been tossed around the block?
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