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my old clutch slips, but I've got 2 spare units which I've boiled in washing powder and cleaned up a bit.

strange thing is that one of them has one concave metal plate, not the laminated one, but one of the normal ones, just wondering if this is standard, or warped ? - if it's normal then which way should the concave point and in which position ?

INNER BASKET -> FA - M - FB - LAM - FB - M - FB - M - FB - M - FB - M - FB

POSITION............. 1---------- 2---------------3-------------4------------5-------------6------------7

I think it was in between friction plates 6 and 7 originally with the inner diameter pointing inwards towards the engine, but not really sure.

also need to clean up the inner and outer baskets, was going to file down any bumps and smooth over with wet and dry, but if anyone has any tips I'd appreciate them.

I did measure the wear on the friction plates on the spares and it looks like they still have a few thou of life in them yet. Suppose I better soak the entire thing in oil too before fitting or it'll burn a bit.

Does cleaning the clutch usually help or is it a big waste of time ?

Cleaning the clutch plates of contamination has worked on my CX for 6 years.I have no clutch slip and they are all old parts and I use Molyslip in my engines.

As for the plate,yes it's been warped by a PO incorrectly aligning it thus catching on the basket and then bolting the clutch down forcing it.
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