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Chemical dip paint removal - to remove POR-15?

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Has anyone had experience chemical dipping parts to remove paint and rust? I'm wondering if it's strong enough to remove POR-15 tank liner.
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Why don't you contact the people who make POR-15?

POR-15 also makes a stripper that works on other tank sealers, maybe it will strip their own product?

Their web page says this: "For those unfortunate customers who have had bad results from other inferior fuel tank sealers, we have developed these all new "HEAVY DUTY UTILITY & CYCLE TANK REPAIR KITS."

They feature everything found in our regular UTILITY & CYCLE TANK REPAIR KIT, PLUS a quart bottle of our famous Tank Strip to first remove that inferior coating that failed you."

I actually did that and they said that their POR-Strip was designed to get POR-15 off. However, after more than a few attempts, all of the coating has yet to come off (maybe only 30% at most). What bothers me is what I can't see (i.e. all the nooks and crannies in the tank)...and I wouldn't want anything breaking loose down the road and swimming in my tank or even recoating over a bad surface. So, I'm hoping an industrial strength chemical dip would do the trick. Plus that POR-Strip is nasty stuff and I don't want to personally handle anymore caustic chemicals.

I'm taking it to a shop tomorrow actually to have it done. I'll let people know how it goes. On another note...Should I recoat it, or just keep the tank topped off with high quality gas? After the last coating attempt, I'm a bit jaded and don't want to go through this mess again. So if there are any alternatives, I'd like to know.
Why are you trying to remove POR15 anyway?

I screwed it up the first time. I can't really say how, but the coating just came out bad (not the same as when I did a previous tank).
Gobears, You really should try the acetone. I just did a tank for a fellow member that lives in SF last week and it worked just fine. I just noticed you are close by. If you want to send the tank to me or bring it up I would be glad to help. I have the acetone that I used in Georges tank still. If you came up in the morning, I'm sure we could have it cleaned out and sealed by the end of the day. I have everything here we would need.

Thanks for the offer. Really appreciate it. I should probably update my profile. I'm actually in Los Angeles for a while (about a year or two).

The tank is already at the shop to get dipped. At this point, I'm okay having it done and spend more time on the rest of the project.
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