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Checklist for first startup?

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So I'm hoping the experts can chime in and provide a checklist of things to do BEFORE firing up a CX500 that has been sitting for a couple years. I just want to make sure that first start doesn't cause damage considering oil hasn't circulated through the motor for a while.

A few things to keep in mind:

-the old oil had been drained a long time ago, and I assume any oil that had been in the valves area has since settled to the bottom of the motor

-the motor has been sitting indoors

-the coils have been changed to the cheap ones sold on ebay

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1. Well, first thing I'd do would be replace ALL the fluids.  If the oil had been drained previously, I'd probably take the front cover off and just get a look at the inside.  If you wanted to do a little less work, just put the cheapest oil in you can find and run it a little and replace that oil later on, after 50-100 miles.

2. Take the crank bolt cover off (front center, below the rad) and rotate it by hand a few times just to make sure things move freely inside.

3. Replace spark plugs and the air filter (eliminate non-running possibilities) and drain the 2 tubes underneath the air box.

4.  Either put in a new battery or one that you know works and is well charged.  

5.  Once you're done all that set the kill switch to "off" and crank the motor until the oil light goes out.  It may take a little while, so thats one reason you'll want a newly charged battery.

That's me, I'm sure there's some other things I forgot or others will recommend.  Good luck, let us know how things go.


In regards to #5...I've seen a youtube clip of someone cranking the motor until oil came up into the valve area (he had the valve covers off). So just to be clear, there's no risk of harming the starter system (i.e. starter motor or solenoid)? I read it somewhere to crank it for about 30 seconds until oil comes through, but that seems like a long time to push the starter button and crank the starter motor. Thanks.
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