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Helped a friend out today.

His bike is misbehaving and I offered to take a looksie at it.

We pulled the tank and he wanted to change the spark plug.

I handed him a 3/8 ratchet, a short extension and an 18 mm socket. Told him go to town.

So he tells me the socket will not seat over the plug. We knew this is the right size because it fits the replacement.

So I put the socket there (you cannot see the plug) and so I turned it and nope no resistance.

We went looking for a thin walled socket that would slip down over the plug.

We spent a couple of hours and finally came home. I took out a flashlight and looked at it more closely. Put the socket over it.

It fits.

No problem.

He said he did not ever encounter any resistance but I suspect he broke it loose and did not realize it.

That or it was about to vibrate out.

Long and short is we went hunting for a tool we already had.

Moral of the story.

When your buddy is clueless get a flashlight and LOOK before you head to the store. Dont just say well he WOULD know... and believe.

I love feeling foolish!
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