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Changing avatar ?

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Anyone else not able to change their avatar when you want to ?

It's pretty straight forward: Profile/Edit profile/change avatar/choose your pic/save......

BUT when I try to do this it WILL show the new pic on that page where you make the change but when I go into the forums and check threads my old avatar is still showing up....strange.

I THEN went back and clicked "remove avatar" so that there was NO avatar pic at all thinking "ok my old pic is gone now".....I then went back to the settings page and then put my new pic in and it showed up fine on the settings page but my old pic that I DELETED showed up in the threads !

Am I missing something ?
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I guess you have to start a NEW thread (like this one) for it to show up the first time !

Sorry guys to waste this thread own question was answered !



Sometimes my old av will still show up from time to time- the pic of my bike.... It's football season though, so it's gotta be a Bear.

It doesn't matter if I clear the cache, temp folder, etc..... sometimes it just takes a bit to catch up

And BTW- I saw you new av last night.... I like it! I like your old one too.... you look like a very happy go lucky guy!
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That's cuz he has a bike exactly like mine, except his is a hella lot shinier.

So get to shining yours then!
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