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Changing avatar ?

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Anyone else not able to change their avatar when you want to ?

It's pretty straight forward: Profile/Edit profile/change avatar/choose your pic/save......

BUT when I try to do this it WILL show the new pic on that page where you make the change but when I go into the forums and check threads my old avatar is still showing up....strange.

I THEN went back and clicked "remove avatar" so that there was NO avatar pic at all thinking "ok my old pic is gone now".....I then went back to the settings page and then put my new pic in and it showed up fine on the settings page but my old pic that I DELETED showed up in the threads !

Am I missing something ?
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That's cuz he has a bike exactly like mine, except his is a hella lot shinier.
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Oh, you just hush up Spitfire.....

On a different note, I have noticed in the last several days (weeks really) that the whole board has been very slow loading at times. I'm wondering if that may have something to do with your original question, Rick. Anyone heard from Charles lately? Maybe the server is getting bogged down. It seems the same way when I am at work, so I know it's not me.
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