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CBR F2 Front End Swap?

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OK, so I couldn't pass this one up. I now have a pretty nice set of forks, triples, etc to meld to my cafe project (which is just about to really begin now that the bike is rideable). I'm hoping some of you might have done this already or could give me some things to look for/think about as the process starts. I'm thinking sometime in November I'll post a "project thread". I know the bike is junk, but the only parts I really needed was the front. Actually, there are some other parts worth recycling, I'm just not sure they are good for the CX. Anyone to buy a 91 F2 rear wheel?


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Nice find. Mind if I ask how much it set you back?
Great deal.

Sell Phil the exhaust if you aren't going to use it...I get the feeling he wants it
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