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Looking for more advice related to parts I have acquired related to front suspension, hubs, wheels and brakes fro my 191 CX500.

parts i have purchased so far
1. 1976 gl1000 rear hub
2. 1976 gl1000 front hub
3. 2006 honda CBRR 1000 front suspension calipers, minus the top clamp and rotors

parts on order
2006 CBR 1000 to CX500 front suspension bearing conversion
front wheel bearings to mate 1976 gl1000 front hub and the 2006 CBR 1000 axel

the plan
updated front suspension
rear wheel disc conversion
front wheel dual disc conversion
spoked rear wheel, 40 hole
spoked front wheel, 40 hole

i plan on purchasing 40 spoke front and rear rims (preferably used) but i am unsure what rim diameter and width is best suited for the CBR 1000 front suspension upgrade and CX rear swing arm. i have read others who have used a similar CRB components but after some initial measuring i am concerned about the altering the trail and rake. the CRB forks are offset forward 33mm not 50mm like the CX, roughly 1" shorter and the CBR axle is not offset forward at the end of the forks.

so my questions are:

1. is there a front and rear wheel/tire diameter combination that is commonly used to re-align with the original CX geometry?
2. what rim widths are acceptable to use with the CX rear swing arm since i am not using the gl1000 rims? would like to go slightly wider for better tire selection.
3. lastly, i would like to purchase used rim / wheel off an exiting motorcycle if possible, suggestions on make and year?

i know this is fairly specific and might not be a simple reply, so any help or advice is greatly appreciated.
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