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To start, my 1978 Honda CX500 is literally my first bike. I am 25 and the last time I rode a cycle was when I learned at 15. haha I have shaken off the rust, but this goes to show you just how inexperienced I am and how scarce my knowledge base is. Anyways, the previous owner put in a new exhaust and based on my research, it seems that I may need to rejet the carb. The choke gets sucked in and it bogs down when I open the throttle which makes it impossible for me to get it up to speed on the freeway.

Instead of trying to fix it and messing up my bike because of lack of knowledge, I thought to really just trust this to a mechanic, but something pretty incredible happened. I called to set a time to bring her in and the mechanic flat out said he wasn't interested and he wouldn't do it because it was a waste of his time.

So I may try to do it myself and if I royally mess it up, then I guess I can trailer it further away from my house.

Therefore, I come to you all. If you have experience with rejetting the carb, what do I need to know? Do you have reference material aside from the owner's manual? Links to a video that might help? It could be fun to do this myself so I guess I can give it a go.

Thank you for the help!!

P.S. I understand that there is no picture yet. Always slips my mind to do so. :p I can provide any details though. Please help!
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