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When I purchased my CX500 project bike, the H box was

removed & in terrible condition.

Will be installing pod air filters and used Harley mufflers because

mufflers did not come with the bike.

Dropped by a Meineke shop today and they can make connector

pipes from the headers to the mufflers. The tubing they use is

blended aluminum/steel. I polished a sample with aluminum polish

and it looked "really" good. Don't know how long it will look good

after getting up to temp several times, though.

Would 90/120 jets be a good starting point?

Don't mind buying three or four sets to experiment with. This will be

my first time working on a motorcycle carburetor.

If I can't get this intake/exhaust/jetting combination to work, will buy a 2 into 1 exhaust system.

Thanks in advance,
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