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Though the carb kits come with all the jets and needles, you won't need all that extra stuff. I haven't found the replacement hard parts to be anywhere near the stock OEM parts. I don't suggest using them. But if you can get the kits in Phil's link that's a good deal. Just don't use their needles and needle jets.

If you want to get the parts separately try these links. ACV Valves Accelerator pump Bowl gaskets Most of the time you can reuse yours with no problems.

If your going to split the carb's, I would suggest new fuel cross over )-rings, as well as the new mixture screw )-rings. I have them available in Viton rubber. They are much better quality than what you'll get in any kit.

In case you don't know already, the low jets need to be pulled and cleaned manually with a .018 drill bit to get the carb's back to perfect running condition. This link describes the process Cleaning If you need a full step by step guide, I have a book on rebuilding these carbs available. Look in my signature and you'll find an active link there for it. It takes you through my whole process on how to rebuild these carbs with the confidence that there done right.

Almost forgot the rubber plugs for the low chamber. Rubber plugs

1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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