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Carb mount / insulator

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The rubber piece between the carb and engine has developed some cracks right beside where the carb clamp goes. They don't go all the way through, maybe half way, but I don't want to ignore them. Is there some glue or magic elixir I can use to repair this or do I need to find a replacement?

Thanks for any help,

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I've used,"Shoo Goo" on one set of mine,

Works a treat


Does bike boots as well<grin>
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I've had my bike boots over 6 years years now.The uppers are fine but the soles were wearing through especially on the gear foot and they were letting water in through the soles which I found out on this day<grin>,

I just Shoe Goo them from time to time as I can't find a pair like them any more(They are Velcro fastening,not zips)and hate throwing way good leather
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