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Ok so helping a Buddy out and doing a bunch of maintenance on his '81 CX500C over the winter. It pretty well needs everything and the parts list is looking to be around $2k based on what I have seen so far, so trying to save him a buck or two where I can. So a few years back I purchased an '80 Deluxe for a couple hundred that I picked up mostly for the tank and registered frame. I ended up putting a low mileage engine in it that I already had. But the bike also came with a boatload of Honda parts, the engine was out and someone (2 Previous owners ago) had started to do a triple bypass but not completed. I kept it for parts, it has a brand new Rick's stator in it and I'm half inclined to think the cam chain and guides could be new as well. Guess there's no way to know for sure but I'm pretty tempted to harvest these parts for my Buddies bike. This engine as a point of reference has roughly 80k km or 50k miles on it. See pics and let me know your thoughts.
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If you haven't already done the adjustment per the FSM do it now.

If the adjustment doesn't move from where it is now you can call the chain and tensioner components good.

if harvesting the parts for another motor put a paint mark on the side of the chain that faces you and install the same way in the other engine. Swap the cam sprocket it is mated to too.

Take baseline readings from the stator for future troubleshooting reference as the numbers on the 5/9 and 8/9 won't match the figures in the FSM.
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