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Started this project a few months ago with the hope of having it done by the summer. Sadly time has gotten away from me and she needs a new owner to piece her together. I have a video log of everything I have done to the bike so far. I also have a complete CX500 owners manual and most importantly - the full instruction manual for the Cafe Racer Kit!

I have not actually started the engine up, but have it gets good compression.

I have a complete Cafe Racer Kit for this bike and all you have to do is put them together (and get a few new parts along the way). Selling as is. Included are the individual items and what i paid for them all:

1979 Honda CX500 frame & Engine (cut and welded with a new seat bracket) - $350

Cafe Racer Kit pieces (which you can find here
Seat and Frame - $505
CX Exhaust Pipes - $204
CX Radiator Cover - $65
Headlamp Brackets $106
CX Instrument Module - $88
CX Front Mudguard - $47
CX Battery Box - $88

From ebay:

2X 340mm 13 Inch Rear Air Shock Absorbers - $85.99
Clutch Brake Levers Master Cylinder Kit - $37.70
Black Round Front Set Foot Pegs - $19.95
Bolt-On LED License Plate Lights - $8.49
12V Gel Battery - $32.95
New Improved Ignition Switch & Fork Lock Assembly - $25.95

Painted wheels and tank (still have paint left for color reference. Wheels need another coat.)

All old parts from the bike that you will need for building.

Would love to sell it all as one project, but will break it up if needs be.

So far the project cost for me has been around $2,000 including paint and tools etc... Take the whole thing off me for $1,300 or make me an offer!

This will be such a great bike once its done. The finished pics on this post show what it will look like with the kit all done.

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