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Maybe Dave from Wisconsin will add some.

I didn't take my camera and right now having computer shortcomings.
Sorry I took so long to get something up, but I got home Monday, worked on a bike for a fellow Wisconsinite yesterday and started on two bikes today from NJ that are here and I am pulling both engines on them tomorrow.

Here is a thumbnail of Tony telling my wife about the PA buffaloes ... click on the photo to see a full size photo.

And here is a link to some of the photos I shot at the rally.

My link

There was a heat index of 118 degrees for two of the 4 day we spent there and it never got below 90 two of the nights.

Other than that it was a great rally and Tony learned that you are real popular on a CX/GL at a BMW rally. BMW rallies are events that you can take your whole family to and not worry about what they might see or hear.
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