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Wanted to give a report on the BMW National Rally that a few of us on this board attended.

It was held in Bloom-burg Pa which is about an hour and a half from where I live. With an opportunity like this and having several friends with BMW's, and having an interest and liking for them myself, I couldn't resist attending.

With the heat close to 105 on Friday, I didn't' get registered till @ 4:pM. But I spent the evening there and the next day.

Friday after-noon In the middle of the racetrack at the fairgrounds they had a dual sport sort of track set up so those off-roaders could compete against each other in times for an obstacle course.

There was bands each night with Highway 101 putting on a great and very energetic show Sat night despite the heat. Thanks.

This was one of the most informative and organized rallies one could ever attend. In the back of the booklet their were 4 suggested day rides that people could take. There were continual seminars and information booths which one could attend. Anything from changing a rear tire on the road, to sidecar tips and techniques. And there was a large vendor area with mostly BMW related parts. BMW riders usually take their riding very seriously and responsibly. "Excellence in Motorcycling" is a slogan that could be used as a theme by these groups.

Other CX enthusiast were Dave from Wisconsin, JT, JSD who is hoping to make the Amish Rally, and several who stopped by the bike to say they knew about the rally and the forum. Harry Tarzan who several of us went to see his 'Creation' one year and who came to swap/sell some old CX parts another year was in attendance. And Claude Stanley, owner of the sidecar shop which many of us visited was there also. I did not see Mike from Pittsburgh.

There was at least a 500I and later a 650I who came in from Indiana after attending the Vintage Motorcycle days in attendance in addition to my 'E' and the fellows '650T'.

I had several hints during the rally about riding Beemers, but others liked the Honda. Beemers in the burg could have been a slogan for the weekend; or the ville as the nearby town of Danville had their iron heritage days the same weekend. I told some that the CX was a beemer that had been laid over once on each side.

There was a fellow from Buffalo, N.Y. who had his 650 Turbo there and when I came into the rally on Friday night, I parked near it without knowing it was there, and then parked beside it so people walking past them could compare them. He also has a 500T at home. The 650T and my "E" drew a fair amount of attention.

Seeing another turbo brings out the turbo owners and several [perhaps 4 or 5] others came by saying that they had 1 or more turbos at home with a few others saying that they were previous owners. [Tom]? Langley from Canada was one name I remember and a former TMIOA member and rally attendee.

There were likely 20-30 people who commented to me that they had cx's either presently or at some time in the past. Several mentioned that the CX was the bike that they began touring with and which gave them the skills and interest to graduate to the larger BMW touring bikes.

At least one former Honda Mechanic mentioned the cam chain recall and having to put the 3 dots on the side. He mentioned finding it difficult to understand why Honda had ceased production....which was another common comment along with the 'bulletproof' engine and the smooth torque.

Ken and Carol Duvall, world travelers from Australia, talked about their starting out on a CX500 'shadow' before picking up their current touring bike; a BMW.

From what I heard, the restaurants were well supported and around supper the streets were lined with motorcycles and the restaurants were turning away customers or telling them of 1/2 to an hour wait for seating. Sat around noon there was a gathering of sidecars in the square of bloom-burg.

There seemed to be as much or more people, and opportunity outside of the rally grounds as inside with the added night-life of the town. I caught the hints of it but an hour on Sat eve-ning while missing more of it. Musta been tired and/or sleepwalking.

Dave mentioned visiting malls, restaurants and a movie just to stay out of the heat and into air conditioning on Friday. I'm sure others did the same.

On Friday afternoon I was number 7704. I had later seen registration numbers in the 8800s. If not for the high heat, I think this would have been their highest attended rally ever due in part to the location and the facilities, and as it was, it may have gotten close.

Dave will likely add pictures.

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Maybe Dave from Wisconsin will add some.

I didn't take my camera and right now having computer shortcomings.
Sorry I took so long to get something up, but I got home Monday, worked on a bike for a fellow Wisconsinite yesterday and started on two bikes today from NJ that are here and I am pulling both engines on them tomorrow.

Here is a thumbnail of Tony telling my wife about the PA buffaloes ... click on the photo to see a full size photo.

And here is a link to some of the photos I shot at the rally.

My link

There was a heat index of 118 degrees for two of the 4 day we spent there and it never got below 90 two of the nights.

Other than that it was a great rally and Tony learned that you are real popular on a CX/GL at a BMW rally. BMW rallies are events that you can take your whole family to and not worry about what they might see or hear.
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