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If you are able to, ya may just wanna try and fabricate some sort of valve, or gate on the back of your exhaust. Something you can adjust the back-pressure with. I have read of many people doing these "podz & muffler/s" packages, and having fits as to getting them back "up" to OEM standards, but haven't read of anyone trying to restrict the exhaust yet........Gee man,...It's ON,LY a what?......31 C.I. motor?.......However, If you wanted to put a blower or a turbo on it, THEN, you wouldn't have to restrict it AS much.....

I suppose this is why all the "Turbo" owners have jettisoned the air intake and exhaust systems.

When you pull the baffles out of an exhaust and go to an unrestricted intake on a street bike. Although looking "Cool" without being purpose engineered this does nothing other than screw up performance and burn pistons.

Race engines running unrestricted intake Ex systs are not made to be reliable over time, nor perform at less than "Fast"... Fuel Economy is not usually considered and smooth idle (still able to run) is usually up in the RPMs at a point which would scare most of us back to our Baffled Airbox etc...

I have a strong feeling that many of these modded engines will be of the 10k miles between rebuilds type

just my .o2----- J
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