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bike misses when rolling on throttle

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Hey guys, Ok, I fixed the leaking carb. It was a cracked overflow tube. I've got it so it will start and idle well, but when I head down the road it starts missing as I roll on the throttle. I have been through the carbs several times n search of another problem so I know they are clean. Float height is good. I am not sucking air around the intake boots. The CV slides move smoothly in the bore. I have new gas. Any ideas on what I may look at next? Thanks guys. Zeph
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Did you synchronize the carbs? A quickie check is to unplug one spark plug wire and run the bike on only one cylinder. Make a note of the rpm and then run the other cylinder solo. Compare the rpm's -- if they're not the same, adjust the screw on the spring loaded linkage that connects the two carbs.
My "quickie" carb synch method is the official method as recommended in my 1969 Moto Guzzi repair manual. It's actually the only method I've ever used on the four CX/GL500's that I've owned. But if Honda engineers want you to use vacuum gauges, that's okay with me. If I owned more than one vacuum gauge, I'd do it per the Honda method.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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