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I cleaned out the breather tubes that come out of the bottom of the airbox.

When I first took off #12 I took out what I thought was "grime". It just fell apart in my fingers and looked like oily/gas grime.

After looking at the part fiche I saw that it might have been a filter (#13 on Airbox Part Fiche).

What can I replace it with? I'll check to see if it is available from Honda. What would a filter be doing there anyway.
#12: Tube, Breather (which attaches to)

#13: Filter (which eventually las to a drain hose with a plug in it (#18)

I'm sure you could rig up something with bits and pieces from an auto parts store. Its purpose would have been to prevent that drain hose from filling up with crumbles of leaves and other muck that might clog up the drain hose. It's one of two drains coming from the airbox that are plugged off and that you're supposed to periodically pull the plugs out of at the "bottom of the bike" to drain any accumulated water and crankcase breather blow by stuff that normally accumulates in there over time. Not exactly essential, when changing the air filter and you see any accumulation, pull the drain plugs and if nothing comes out just run a piece of old large diameter guitar string through there.

Guitar string is a wonderful thing to keep around in various diameters. If you aren't a player and don't know anyone that is most guitar repair shops will always have some collecting in their trash cans from restringing guitars they'll gladly give you.
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