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Hi anyone with a BBCR kit.
I got my kit in 2015 and fitted it all together in a slapdash, quick kind of way and have since enjoyed riding around the local area on short rides and basically love the bike. Like everyone else I fell out with Andrei and he owes me a battery box or $120-odd.
If you have a problem with the monoshock read on:
I always found the monoshock too soft but put up with it as I had NO help from BBCR. The rear lights and mounting were destroyed by the saddle bottoming out on the rear wheel. After that I rode round potholes(or any kind of bumps!)
With the lockdown in place I decided to resolve the problem with the help of Hagon shocks in the UK. I sent Dave at Hagon video of me(200lbs)bouncing on the seat and then sent him the BBCR shock. He identified it as from a Kawasaki ER6(I hope this is useful to DIYers). He said that the spring was already 'hard' on the Kawa shock but not hard enough as there was no linkage in the BBCR setup as on most bikes. 10 days later(bear in mind we are in lockdown and I live in France!)a new shock arrives which is beautifully set up, firmer but comfortable and with still more adjustment available. It cost £400 but Dave explained that further units would be cheaper(maybe £300)as he had to do extra work to create mine.
So, there we are, if you want a proper solution to one of the BBCR issues contact Dave at Hagon shocks. I've warned him to be ready for a deluge of enquiries!
Couple of images of the bike 3 years ago. Having just spruced it up I'll post again once fully complete.
As you can see; not a café racer, somewhere similar with high bars, low mirrors and Harley look exhausts.
That's all for now. Please post if you have any queries
cheers Jonathan

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