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Some of you may remember her from me riding south to Panama. Well the story didn't turn out well in the end. In the end I ended up living my worst nightmare trapped and exhausted working 7 days a week for nothing. But that’s what happens when you get isolated, used abs abused by awful people.
I'm starting therapy and am on a few medications to deal with the ptsd and anxiety/depression that has resulted.
I always dreamed someday I'd get to finish that ride south, but it's not likely. And even ifI do,I have too many memories of sitting and looking at the bike remembering the good days and wishing I was free.
I started tearing her down and rebuilding again to stay busy but my heart isn't in it.
She's still got all the good bits you can see from the build thread, plus a complete parts bike I bought for 500 and a new front end with air adjustable suspension. New battery, and the Carbs cleaned and adjusted. Runs well. Either needs someone to take her as is, or with a confirmed price and deposit I've got a local mechanic who will finish the assembly. I'd do it myself but every time I pick up a wrench I'm right back in hell in my mind.
Had approx 15k km when I started 33k. spare cx500 parts bike, and a custom built stainless fuel cell that goes under the rear cargo rack plumbed in. Stock fuel capacity was 12.5 litres. With modified deluxe tank mounted it's 17.05 litres front, plus an additional 12 in the rear hidden tank.
Asking 2000 usd on here, 4000 cad on the local ad.
Upgrades include:
Programmable Digital ignition system no more cdi to fail.
Brand new Higher output more reliable silverwing stator
Brand new battery last week
Silverwing dual piston caliper on front
Upgraded front fork with air preload.
Brand new cam chain
new old stock cam chain tensioner
Engine torn down, inspected and reassembled with new gaskets, better sealant on fittings and new orings etc
Break in moly additive that Larry uses to increase engine life even further.
Carbs rebuilt by Larry and balanced.
Carbs cleaned in 2020 by local mechanic.
Cx500 deluxe fuel tank modified allowing the bike to be swapped between travel mode and local. Tank coated oated after being fully stripped.
Harley seat modified to fit.
New brake pads
Multiple side covers
Better headlight bucket.
Two sets of front forks the newer air preload ones from the parts bike and fully rebuilt stock ones with spacers and modifications by Larry. Spark plug resistors removed and replaced with solid brass rods in spark plug wires with new plugs etc
3 sets of Crash bars
Custom switches for individual shutdown on brake light and low beam with high beam still able to be turned on with handlebar switch in emergency.
Swing arm pivot and all moving parts town down and relubed etc. Rear end disassemble and check etc.

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