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As a resident of San Francisco, I am one of the many without a driveway (or garage). I'll soon be getting new tires mounted and my forks rebuilt at Charlies Place in The Mission. Is there anyone out there in SF who would be willing to let me use your driveway to drop my forks then reinstall and replace the wheels (I have a second set of wheels I'll be putting the new tires on). The shop says they should be able to get the forks rebuilt and tires mounted the same day, so my bike would not be around for more than 1 1/2 days at the max (most likely be done in one day). I have a cover for the bike while its apart, have all my own portable tools, and a car to take care of any shuttling (my wife will help as well). I have a flexible schedule and can do it during the week.

I have to move my bike every day to avoid the damn street sweeping tickets. I need a driveway in case I have to leave it overnight. Reply, send a PM or email if you can help, any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!


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This won't help your driveway problem but if you are prepared with seals in hand, long shank 6mm allen bit on a socket, impact driver and a socket large enough to pound down/seat the seal then the job should be doable in 3 hours max.

I also like the idea of extra wheels but go one step more and have extra forks that I rebuild in the off season.

Oh and always loosen the 17mm cap bolt on the forks while the triple is holding them otherwise they seem impossible to loosen.
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