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Anyone sitting on a spare ignitech?

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Seriously, I'm pissed. My bike's 95% back together, and remember the problem I had with the Ignitech? Yeah, I sent it all the way back to CZ, and Jan said it was fixed.

I still have NO spark, and I have NO connection to the PC still!! I'm rather angry at this point, and I think the simplest way to check this will be to try a different Ignitech box.

I plugged the CDI box back in, and hey - the bike runs on the right side only! The left side of my CDI box is dead, and is why I bought the damn Ignitech in the first place!!

I'm so incredibly frustrated now!!!

I just sent an email off to Jan AGAIN. Dammit, that's going to be ANOTHER MONTH without the bike!

I'm going to go take a video of this BS
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You can pay me with a fine ale at a local watering hole the next time I'm down your way or you're up this way.

I'm down with that - give me a good excuse for a nice adventure!
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