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Anyone sitting on a spare ignitech?

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Seriously, I'm pissed. My bike's 95% back together, and remember the problem I had with the Ignitech? Yeah, I sent it all the way back to CZ, and Jan said it was fixed.

I still have NO spark, and I have NO connection to the PC still!! I'm rather angry at this point, and I think the simplest way to check this will be to try a different Ignitech box.

I plugged the CDI box back in, and hey - the bike runs on the right side only! The left side of my CDI box is dead, and is why I bought the damn Ignitech in the first place!!

I'm so incredibly frustrated now!!!

I just sent an email off to Jan AGAIN. Dammit, that's going to be ANOTHER MONTH without the bike!

I'm going to go take a video of this BS
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Shoot me if this was already asked. But did you clip it to the hot wire? and did you check to make sure voltage was going through the red wire to the ignitech? I know when I installed mine I connected it to what I thought was the hot wire. but no current was going through it because it was the wrong wire. (I had accidentally connected it to the break light so it only worked when the break light was unplugged.)

Hope you get the problems figured out soon.
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