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Anyone sitting on a spare ignitech?

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Seriously, I'm pissed. My bike's 95% back together, and remember the problem I had with the Ignitech? Yeah, I sent it all the way back to CZ, and Jan said it was fixed.

I still have NO spark, and I have NO connection to the PC still!! I'm rather angry at this point, and I think the simplest way to check this will be to try a different Ignitech box.

I plugged the CDI box back in, and hey - the bike runs on the right side only! The left side of my CDI box is dead, and is why I bought the damn Ignitech in the first place!!

I'm so incredibly frustrated now!!!

I just sent an email off to Jan AGAIN. Dammit, that's going to be ANOTHER MONTH without the bike!

I'm going to go take a video of this BS
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I have a good CDI unit I just tested if you want to borrow it until you get yours fixed.

I also have 2 Ignitech units I have not used yet. Your choice on which one you want to use.

If you want the Ignitech, Cobram could send me your replacement as long as it's a new one and not the repaired one.

This way you could at least get some riding in. What do you want?

So I take it you want the Ignitech unit to borrow till yours comes in.
OK, let me install the ignitech tomorrow and test it too. I only tested the CDI. I don't mind helping out as long as I have your word it is taken care of and returned or replaced.

Do you want me to send the CDI unit too?

Didn't your bike run for a while when you first installed the new unit? I think it was a couple weeks right?
OK Doward it's tested. Here is a quick video of testing it when the bike was cold. Sorry for the cheap Iphone quality.


As I said before, just as long as you return or replace it I'm glad to help with the test.

Well Cobram & Doward, I just sent it to him next day for $18.30. You'll have to sign for it though Doward. It's supposed to be there by 3pm at the latest. I sent it this way because it gives the PO less of an option to loose it. And it protects the investment not to mention we can get the final answer to this issue sooner.

Cobram, that would be great if they will just replace it and you can send it directly to me. This way Doward can just keep riding. Hopefully!

Your always good for the unexpected Rick.
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Either way is fine Doward. If they are going to replace it he can just send it to me. That way you don't have to go down again. But we'll see how it all goes tomorrow when you get it.

Are you going to be there to sign for it tomorrow?
Good to hear. Anticipation!
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Uh oh, that's not a good sign. I just realized I didn't put the power wire in the box. I figured you would have left the original one on. Sorry.
Doward, sorry to hear the outcome but it's what needed to be done. If you find a burned out kill switch contact let me know. I have several. Just keep it till you get it figured out or you get yours back from Cobram. Then you can ship it back priority. I'm not in a hurry for it, but it's safer doing it priority mail.

Cobram, could you add in here the diagram for the wiring and the video you had done on the old forum of the way these hook up. It may help someone later that's looking for info on ignitech installation.
Now that's what I call getting motivated. Lets all hope this fixes your problem!
The only question that comes to mind is that in your video the plug fired with cdi and not ignitech. It's more than I want to think about tonight. Good luck on the start up tomorrow.
Now I remember that being covered already. Fingers crossed Doward!
Good job Doward. Congratulations on a successful fix. And to think, all that time waiting for the unit to come back could have been logging miles. You hauled butt on it too. At least you had extra parts to work with. Too bad you didn't ask for the extra ignitech earlier.
Hmmm.... What was that Phil? Did you forget to say something?
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Doward, I got the ignitech back today. Thank you. Glad it all worked out and you got your bike running again.

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