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Anyone sitting on a spare ignitech?

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Seriously, I'm pissed. My bike's 95% back together, and remember the problem I had with the Ignitech? Yeah, I sent it all the way back to CZ, and Jan said it was fixed.

I still have NO spark, and I have NO connection to the PC still!! I'm rather angry at this point, and I think the simplest way to check this will be to try a different Ignitech box.

I plugged the CDI box back in, and hey - the bike runs on the right side only! The left side of my CDI box is dead, and is why I bought the damn Ignitech in the first place!!

I'm so incredibly frustrated now!!!

I just sent an email off to Jan AGAIN. Dammit, that's going to be ANOTHER MONTH without the bike!

I'm going to go take a video of this BS
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I think a more prudent test would be to put the ignitech on another bike that's running well and see what happens.
If you still have my address, send it to me, if it's DOA on my bike I'll send you one of the units from the latest group buy and we'll take it from there.
Doward, didn't you get my email? You could have just sent it to me, nice of you to offer too, Larry, but you're out on the left coast, quicker I think if he'd just sent me the unit.

If it arrives DOA I'd send you one from the latest GB and get in touch with Jan.

Whatever you guys decide is good, but a straight line always trumps a circle to reach a point, except in advanced math (my cousins a mathematician and assured me that sometimes a straight line isn't the shortest distance.)
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Doward, got the unit today, plugged it into my bike and she sparked right up. Just got back from a 40 minutes ride, it works like a champ. Something's wrong with your bike/wiring. I visually double checked your harness, all the wires are where they should be, I'll put your harness on my bike tonight when I have some time, just to double check it.
I just plugged the harness into my bike, ran like a champ.

The Ignitech and Harness are not where the problem lies.

Did you leave the OEM CDI plug on the stator, or did you swap it over to the plug provided?
Yeah, I'll add the instructions to the group buy page; someone will need it sooner or later. I've been printing up a sheet and putting it in the boxes...has saved LOTS of time. I'm going to add some of the installation questions and comments I got from these groups buys to the book I'm going to write someday (you've inspired me with your book, Larry) wouldn't believe some of them, I won't post as to not embarass some of our fellow CX'ers on this list.

Doward, Ignitech included all new pins and connector, might be worth a shot changing the suspect ones over to new pins as Reg suggests?

I'll mail back your unit tomorrow.

Look on the bright side, you've at least narrowed it down quite a bit. If your do find one bad pulser, why don't you email Jan at Ignitech and ask him if it's possible to change the parameters of the firmware on the board to work with the signal from the good pulser? I know that it ignores one (the advance?) Reg is correct that the pulser is not a common failure point, but it does happen. There was a CX rider in on the last group buy that had a bad pulser, his problems were corrected and the bike ran great with the ignitech.
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Next time I have an engine apart I'm going to satiate a curiosity I have about using a common ABS sensor to pick up the reference signal off the flywheel. Theoretically it should work.

It looks like you're almost there Doward.
Time for the Happy Dance.

Your Ignitech should be back to you by Tues., someone will have to sign for it though, that's the only way to send insured.
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You can pay me with a fine ale at a local watering hole the next time I'm down your way or you're up this way.
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