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Any help appriciated

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soo when i was slightly younger and less knowledgeable, my mate parents said they wanted a bottle of whiskey and its yours, had it for 5 odd years chucked a battery in tck tick tick. figured itd been sitting for donkeys may be locked due to corrosion gave her a soaking came free, asides a seazed starter it jumped into life
now comes the but... lol, ive been perusing this and other forums but cannot seem to find squat about the gl400, understanding theres minor to little difference im in newzealand and its an 85 so im assuming its an ozy import ?
any help towards tuning carbs, sorting exhausts ( h box missing& rangi arse mufflers), what goes where whats missing and general where to buy on this side of the globe

vaughn from nz
1985 GL400
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You need to consider your bike a 500 with a smaller motor. Use the 500 shop manual.

Your bike is a Japanese Home Market model that was imported to NZ - along with many other 400 cc bikes - because they were considered obsolete in Japan , and available at a good price. 400 cc was the upper limit of the Japanese drivers licence rating , before you had to pay huge amounts to have a bigger bike.
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The GL400 was made in a number if variants, ranging from a cX500 standard with smaller bore to something more like the CX650C (again with a smaller engine). If you post pictures of yours we may be able to help you figure out what it actually is.

BTW: I have heard rumours of some being put together from left over parts in '85 for sale in less developed places but I'm pretty sure production for major markets ended after the 1984 model year. Does New Zealand follow the UK practice of vehicle paperwork indicating the year first registered instead of the model year?
That system often causes confusion when changes were made between the year the vehicle was made for and the year it was registered so it is always best to figure out the actual model year.
Does New Zealand follow the UP practice of vehicle paperwork indicating the year first registered instead of the model year?
I've heard of the UK doing that, but not Michigan's Upper Peninsula. :p
Actually, I think that was a common clerical error in the US. My '78 Standard is mis-titled as a '79 Deluxe.
I meant UK (corrected).
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