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Amish Rally 2011 - New Rally Chair Needed

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Hi all,

In the process of finding out if the Mountain View Camp might be available for another event I found out that Phil indeed meant it when he said he no longer wanted to arrange acquiring the camp for the Amish Rally.

It is presently reserved for August 18th through August 21st 2011. But, there is presently no one listed as being in charge.

We need someone to step up and confirm the reservations and take over from Phil. I am not volunteering due to the miles involved and the fact that I might not be able to be there with little notice.

It might be good if it was handled by someone from out East, but anyone can do it as the arrangements are made by email and phone and the money is mailed in.

The only thing necessary are keeping track of the number of people staying there each night and collecting the money due.

If the Saturday dinners are to continue that would be one more thing to handle, but it is not a necessity to having a meeting place.

Please ... step up and handle it ... if nothing else, for a couple of years and pass the torch.

I have the information on who to contact if you want to step up and take over.
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I was wondering if anybody wanted to try a different schedule. I like riding around here best in Late May or middle of September. It's usually a little cooler and if you time it right late May or Early June is when the Mountain Laurel blooms and the woods are beautiful. Late September (Northern Tier) early October (Williamsport area) is when the leaves are turning color but of course it means shorter daylight hours. Scheduling the meet when the Little League World Series is on means more traffic and crowded eating places. There is no way to beat the price at the current location though unless you want to sleep under a tent. There is a hunting cabin right up the road from me. Let me see if I can contact someone who is a member to inquire about renting that place.
If this country doesn't soon get its' act together, all speculation about next year might be an exercise in futility. Our economy is shakier than that bridge in Minneapolis and there are enough powder kegs in various parts of the world to rain on a whole lot of parades, if even one of them goes off. By this time next year, I could be following in my grandfather's footpegs. He was a motorcycle dispatch rider in WWI, taking messages between headquarters and the front lines. My advice is to enjoy things while you can and if next year arrives intact, start setting up another rally in the spring.
If any of you want to see the spot I wanted to take some of you on the 21st, look at this thread and go to post #61.
I just saw on the news that Route 15 at Rt 11 was closed today for 10 hours. Be glad you weren't in that mess.
Gene, I wasn't in that 10 hour mess. We got caught for about 50 minutes or so and it is against the law to ride a berm to get by traffic jams. Not that I wasn't tempted, but you never know who might take issue and open a car door in front of you. Besides, I was mother hen to 5 other riders. The biggest negative was getting passed by the pavement roller three times. Well, that and wasting fuel and time.
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