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Amish Rally 2011 - New Rally Chair Needed

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Hi all,

In the process of finding out if the Mountain View Camp might be available for another event I found out that Phil indeed meant it when he said he no longer wanted to arrange acquiring the camp for the Amish Rally.

It is presently reserved for August 18th through August 21st 2011. But, there is presently no one listed as being in charge.

We need someone to step up and confirm the reservations and take over from Phil. I am not volunteering due to the miles involved and the fact that I might not be able to be there with little notice.

It might be good if it was handled by someone from out East, but anyone can do it as the arrangements are made by email and phone and the money is mailed in.

The only thing necessary are keeping track of the number of people staying there each night and collecting the money due.

If the Saturday dinners are to continue that would be one more thing to handle, but it is not a necessity to having a meeting place.

Please ... step up and handle it ... if nothing else, for a couple of years and pass the torch.

I have the information on who to contact if you want to step up and take over.
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Phil has asked me last year and several times recently to do the honors and I have been a bit shy about taking the responsibility. I really don't have any good excuses not to do what is required, and I think I am probably capable of performing the duties involved. After reading your post and giving the matter some further fleeting thought I am willing to take the reins for the near term. Of course if another rider is chomping on the bit to do this I would have no objection. Does there have to be a consensus or does this acceptance of the duty on my part settle things? Comments anyone?
I was wondering if anybody wanted to try a different schedule. I like riding around here best in Late May or middle of September. It's usually a little cooler and if you time it right late May or Early June is when the Mountain Laurel blooms and the woods are beautiful. Late September (Northern Tier) early October (Williamsport area) is when the leaves are turning color but of course it means shorter daylight hours. Scheduling the meet when the Little League World Series is on means more traffic and crowded eating places. There is no way to beat the price at the current location though unless you want to sleep under a tent. There is a hunting cabin right up the road from me. Let me see if I can contact someone who is a member to inquire about renting that place.
Those are all good ideas Ron. You are the logical candidate to take over for Phil, being ten miles away and actually knowing the area. I think you would do a swell job!
I have been pulling 14 hour plus days at work all week, and I am beat:huh: I just saw I had some PMs so I will read those now before I pass out! Phil seems to think I can do what is needed as far as the Amish rally goes and he might be right, so I am going to give it a shot. Phil is even going to tell me what it is I am supposed to do, who to call etc. I might even learn something!

So far the rallies I have attended have been loosely organized, which is great. I don't think of myself as an activities coordinator or rally planner etc. at all, But I am capable of lining things up, using the phone, and using email...heck, I can even fax! Now that it is the weekend I may have a few minutes to catch up on my communications.

And Ron...I thought the world was going to end any minute back in 1970, but it just keeps spinning around. You are correct about enjoying life here and now. What can we do to make the world a better place for those around us each day? A friendly smile and a positive mental attitude go a long way. While I agree things could get a lot worse before they get better, we can't let the "nattering nabobs of negativity" bring us down. The way I look at it is If I have a warm place to shit and decent shoes, I've got it made!
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