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Amish Rally 2011 - New Rally Chair Needed

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Hi all,

In the process of finding out if the Mountain View Camp might be available for another event I found out that Phil indeed meant it when he said he no longer wanted to arrange acquiring the camp for the Amish Rally.

It is presently reserved for August 18th through August 21st 2011. But, there is presently no one listed as being in charge.

We need someone to step up and confirm the reservations and take over from Phil. I am not volunteering due to the miles involved and the fact that I might not be able to be there with little notice.

It might be good if it was handled by someone from out East, but anyone can do it as the arrangements are made by email and phone and the money is mailed in.

The only thing necessary are keeping track of the number of people staying there each night and collecting the money due.

If the Saturday dinners are to continue that would be one more thing to handle, but it is not a necessity to having a meeting place.

Please ... step up and handle it ... if nothing else, for a couple of years and pass the torch.

I have the information on who to contact if you want to step up and take over.
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Mr. Softie (Steve) is the only nominee for PA Rally Coordinator so far, I second that nonimation. Do we need a poll for this? You may vote only if you have attended at least one PA Rally, eh?
I suggest we settle that on this thread and let the question of possible date change and location be discussed elsewhere and separately. Perhaps by the next Coordinator. Can we have an Ordination Ceremony at the 2011 Rally? Just my 5 cents worth.
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