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Amish Rally 2011 - New Rally Chair Needed

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Hi all,

In the process of finding out if the Mountain View Camp might be available for another event I found out that Phil indeed meant it when he said he no longer wanted to arrange acquiring the camp for the Amish Rally.

It is presently reserved for August 18th through August 21st 2011. But, there is presently no one listed as being in charge.

We need someone to step up and confirm the reservations and take over from Phil. I am not volunteering due to the miles involved and the fact that I might not be able to be there with little notice.

It might be good if it was handled by someone from out East, but anyone can do it as the arrangements are made by email and phone and the money is mailed in.

The only thing necessary are keeping track of the number of people staying there each night and collecting the money due.

If the Saturday dinners are to continue that would be one more thing to handle, but it is not a necessity to having a meeting place.

Please ... step up and handle it ... if nothing else, for a couple of years and pass the torch.

I have the information on who to contact if you want to step up and take over.
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Although I'd be a logical candidate due to proximity to the camp and the extended time interest in the cx's/GL's and the formation of gatherings/rallies, I'll not volunteer at the present time due to uncertainties and needing to be uncommitted (similar as Dave)but even to motorcycling.

And, I approve Steve's (mr Softies) nomination. From his various experiences/responsibilites in life and his present responsibilities; its obvious that he could coordinate the registrations and so forth. And his attendance at various rallies and on the forum confirm his extended interest in the group and it's people; although as he has mentioned; he has less time on the forum since being employed full time. Having a smartphone (i phone or other) or laptop would make it easier to be a coordinator while on the road/run.

I would think/hope that you may also be able to delegate responsibilities for certain activities within the rally to others. I would think that Phil can also be a source of info/support as he has worked closely and very well with the Zeagers in the past.

As for the timing; one week earlier would escape the little league traffic, but the mid-end of July and first 2 weeks in August are usually the hottest in Pa. The third week is not that much different and can be equally as warm/humid as we found out a few years ago. The fourth week in August has traffic from the Grange fair in the state college/center hall area as well as the final week in Williamsport as well as college students returning to campuses. The 3rd week in June would be the other candidate in my mind, but wouldn't be worth changing to just to escape bill town traffic. Moving to one week earlier would be an option to consider.

There are also ways around the traffic that will likely have to be accounted for in the future. Or perhaps coordinate rides to the north to leave earlier.

Since the camp is 'booked' for next year already, I'd vote that it remains 'booked' and at the Mt View camp at least for next year and hopefully beyond while still being open to consider other options/alternatives.

If possible to move to one week earlier, a vote could be taken.

I mentioned a certain ski slope as a possible replacement and there is a new motorcycle campground in Milton called Steelsteeds; but I think these would be an option if the arrangements at the camp change or fall through.

There is also the Hotel idea to consider who may offer a great group rate. Campgrounds and tenting/cabin rentals options are plentiful in the area but curfews and other such would have to be considered.

Steve(softie) check your pm's.
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