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Amish Photos

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These are the ones I got from Phil and RichNCT. Rally Pics/
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My pics were mostly of fellow riders underway. They were taken with an (older) digital Kodak camera. they looked fine on my pc at home. "Taken with a phone?" I make and take calls with my phone, if it could take pictures, it would have a lens, right? It doesn't. It's a phone!

Rich, speaking of pictures, I thought you were not going to use the picture of you playing the piano as your avatar, what changed your mind?

There has been some confusion about my avatar. I'm the one piloting the bike. Fact of the matter is, I can't play a piano, but I can ride a bike! The penist pounding the ivory is another more daring (founding member) of the HTTA. Care to speculate who? Hint: The pic is older than many member's involvement with the current HTTA.

Ohhhhh, somebody isn't going to like where this might go.

Rich, I am so glad you cleared that up! I could have sworn that was you tickling the ivories! Oh well, I often get you mixed up with........did you say "founding member"? Lets see that would have to be the gentleman from Lowgap, NC, is that right? His helmet is usually black, unless it is covered in leaves.

1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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