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Amish Photos

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These are the ones I got from Phil and RichNCT. Rally Pics/
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Most of them look more like thumbnails than pics. Any way you could just upload them full size, or is that full size?
T minus 9 1/2 hours till Friday 5:30AM departure, if anything bit me now, the Amish would have been a no-go.

T minus 5 minutes till Boston departure, waiting for Pete at the Mass Pike.

Rich and Keith admiring (or trading barbs about) the original CX that made it to the Amish.

Group of riders getting ready to go cruising in the area.

A scenic break during the spirited ride led by McReviver, Keith and Paul playing musical seats with their ST1100's.

Rhino pauses to take in the beauty and (A)Smoke, (B)Scratch his chin, (C)Make a phone call, (D)All of the above, while McReviver assures me I needn't worry about being on reserve, as between the three ST's alone there was about 21 gallons of "reserve."

Some great jaunts through the countryside with TonyG, got to cruise with a CX650E and didn't even have to leave the country.

The Mighty Susquehanna.

No pics on the ride home, driving rain isn't much of an incentive for snap shots.
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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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