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Today I bought some Harley mufflers part number 65747-94 I believe of something they call a Dyna Lowrider.I removed my new aftermarket mufflers & removed the bushing & these pipes bolted right in with no problems.I used a little rtv around the inlet.

As for the difference well at idle they were just as noisey but a nicer deeper sound.Around town they were quiter I would say 20% quieter.At highway again a little better than before but not much.They are definitely built well though.I also have to say the Harley service/parts man was great.He went out of his way to help & even came outside to make sure they would work.Maybe I 've been wrong about these Harley guys.

Yup.. the old school Harley dudes are dying away... Any product has the extreme loyalists...

I have a CX & Harley....My buddy is a Parts Managers at the Harley dealer & rides a Kawasaki !!! ( they do not pay well enough for him to buy one !! LOL )

1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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