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First Of All, HELLO! This is my first post as I am a newbie. I am a newbie to the wonderful world of motorcycles as well. I decided after many years to finally take the steps toward being a safe and responsible motorcycle rider. Well, I may have gone about it all backwards but I bought the bike before the license! I do have my permit and am scheduled for the safety course so, it's all good. Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I purchased a 1980 CX500 Custom with over 40,000 miles, yeah I know. Well, it is in better shape than you might expect. The biggest issue I am having right now is the mufflers have been horribly modifed or at least I think so! A previous owner decided to knock out the end baffle or cap and now it is wide open back there. This is of course affecting performance. It bogs down a little but mostly back fires. I have searched high and low on the net for a cheap fix to this problem bk I don't really want to refurb this bike or pay more for the pipes than I did the whole bike! What solution could be done to restore the mufflers to as close to original as possible w/o buying all new ones? Thanks!

Personally, I would go for the Harley cans also. I got my for $30 and they work pretty good. I didn't have to re-jet to use them. My were newer, so I think I may have a catalytic version. Since most Harley owners opt for new pipes, you could also stop by a Harley shop and see if they have any lying around.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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