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Yes, the difference in the piston bore is significant. Because your pushing less fluid it requires more pressure to apply to get the bike to stop properly. It's an unsettling feeling, IMO. I bought the same one in black for my bike, and yes I had to drill it out a re-tap the threads for the mirror. Also, the lever is quite a bit shorter and I could only use it effectively with two fingers. To each his own, but I did not enjoy it at all.

This is what I use on my bike.

CB750 MC

They clean up nicely, and rebuild kits are easy to come by. They are meant for flat bars however so if your using buckhorns it might be an issue. I was fortunate not to need a rebuild for mine, but it's not difficult to do and they push plenty of fluid.

Now if you really want one of the smaller ones, I'll sell you one cheap......really cheap.
If the master cylinder piston bore is smaller, acting on the same size caliper piston, it will require less effort and more lever travel for the same amount of pressure caliper piston output force. This is due to the smaller volume of displaced fluid. The smaller master cylinder piston displaces less fluid in the same amount of travel thus it must travel further for the same amount of force.
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