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Acceptable Oil Consumption Rate?

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Noticed that the oil level had dropped from the top of the dipstick's XXX marks to nearly the bottom of the XXX marks (on centre stand) having done over 1500 KM. While I did have some "hard" driving sessions within that time frame - 120 to 130 KPH for extended periods - I also downshift agressively, which I believe brings oil to the upper cylinder, and possibly the oil burn off is potentially greater as a result of doing this. While no oil consumption is ideal, what is an acceptable oil consumption rate...and what is not acceptable or dangerous, i.e., lurking problems?

Also, does anyone know the volume of oil represented on the dipstick between the XXX top and bottom marks? - I should have measured myself and will do so next time. Thanks. JC
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Engines can't help but to burn some oil, if they didn't that would be a sign the cylinders weren't getting a good film on them. On a car the manuals often state that up to a quart between changes is acceptable even when new but what with recommended 3,000 mile changes I'd call that excessive, they're just covering their a** for the oddballs that aren't in perfect tolerance as well as making others feel they've got an exceptional one if it's less.
Perhaps it would be educational to fill the crankcase to the specified volume then try both methods of reading the dipstick. The threads are pretty long on the dipstick.. These bike's lean way the hell to the side on the sidestand too. I'd hate to hear about someone burning up a engine.. Just my .02 It can sure be confusing when there are sooo many procedures for checking oil levels.

I'd have to agree. Completely drain then refill with the exact amount. Put the bike on the center stand in what you know for a fact to be a level area. (sight can be deceiving on this) or just use the exact same area every time to find yourself a baseline to go against.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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