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A Sound Question

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So here's yet another sound question, but I don't have a recording of it yet.  I've just started to notice when I start the bike in the morning there is the normal startup, but as soon as the engine catches the I let off the start button there is a "left over' sound, like a spring unwinding or something is the best I can describe it.  It is a quick sound, easy to miss, and like I said it happens right after I let go of the button.  I'm guessing the starter clutch or flywheel, but is this an engine out, don't use it until its fixed thing?  I don't really know what could be wrong inside there, I put new springs and rollers in 2 years ago when I replaced the tensioner and chain.
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A brief 'whirring down' noise is quite normal in my experience

maybe you're more aware as the temps are dropping and lower temps + thicker oil

means the rollers take a wee bit longer to get out of the way when the motor fires up?

Aa long as its very brief I'd leave it be

If you want starter clutch noises, listen to a 650 start up.

Those buggers are hard on starter clutches and can sound like a bag of spanners in

a washing machine sometimes.
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