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My girlfriend was in that scene that horrific day. Literally stuck in the middle of it, being showered with debris and body parts landing next to her, as she scrambled to get inside a nearby cafe. The next thing she remembers is that of darkness and terrible sounds of pain. She simply shut down. Was days before she could get out.

I was getting up for work, saw the news, and stared in disbelief. I had to get to work as I didn't know what was going to be the effect. I work for a regional airline in the Portland Or. airport area. By the time I arrived, it was mere minutes before we were completely shut down, and TV's were set up in the hangar to keep us abreast. Our planes were scattered in places we never could imagine. The eerie silence was deafening. No contrails in the sky, no runway noise, nothing but the silent dread of unreal. Not many words were spoken for days on end it seemed.

Although I don't wish to take this to a politic angle, I will gladly support and honor the fallen, and those serving, to protect our freedoms in this world we live. I think there are very few humans on this planet that were not in some way affected by this event, unless they reside in a world devoid of any outside influences at all.

Agree or not, the dread inflicted was ungodly. Hatred is evil. And very costly. There is little resolve greater than fortitude to move forward and learn from it.

Humbling to be sure. Joel in the Couve.
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