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82 Interstate Windshield options ?

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Im wondering if different height windshields are still available anywhere for a 1982 Silverwing Interstate ?

Mine has a windshield that is just a bit to short and was wondering if there is a source for a windscreen a few inches taller.

If you measure straight up the middle, from the top edge of the aluminum trim to the tip of the clear windshield, mine measures 19 inches.

What was the height of a "Standard" windshield in this area ? Maybe mine has a slightly short screen compared to stock ?

Who is a good mailorder supplier for new screens ?

Lastly, is the Silverwing windscreen the same as a goldwing or some Vetter type ?

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The windshield on my GL500I, which I think is stock, is that same 19" when adjusted full up. I'm trying to decide between having the top just an inch or two below eye level or right at eye level as it is now. I suppose if it is below my eyes, the occasional bug will not get deflected by the airstream and hit me in my visor, but I think that is an OK price to pay for the unobstructed visibility and maybe even a little extra breeze when riding in 100 degree desert heat.

Do most guys with full fairings have the top of the windshield above or below seated eye level?
Thanks. Obviously, tall people would need a higher windshield to maintain the same level relationship to the eyes, and even suspension servicing and seat firmness could make a difference on any bike. I'm just under 6', and weigh close to 200 lb with full gear.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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