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82 Interstate Windshield options ?

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Im wondering if different height windshields are still available anywhere for a 1982 Silverwing Interstate ?

Mine has a windshield that is just a bit to short and was wondering if there is a source for a windscreen a few inches taller.

If you measure straight up the middle, from the top edge of the aluminum trim to the tip of the clear windshield, mine measures 19 inches.

What was the height of a "Standard" windshield in this area ? Maybe mine has a slightly short screen compared to stock ?

Who is a good mailorder supplier for new screens ?

Lastly, is the Silverwing windscreen the same as a goldwing or some Vetter type ?

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You didn't mention if the 2" range of adjustment has been used. This is done by loosening the mirror and trim screws and sliding the windshield up or down. There are always a couple of windshield replacement vendors on ebay.
Below- for the reason you mentioned - visibility.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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