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82 gl500 overheating4

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I took my bike into the shop abiut a week ago and had them replace the front transmission cover, flush the cooling system and a couple other minor things.. when i hopped on the bike and rode it home, it started to overheat, and did not before that. I've only had the bike for a month....don't think too many services were done on it before has 22k on it and when the guys flushed the system they said the coolant that was in there was like slush. from the looks of it there is no leaks from the radiator so i don't know where to start. fan not running right? bad thermostat? headgasket issue? keep flushing the engine?
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Might have air in the system. Run it up to temp with the radiator cap off to let air out. Should be filled to 1/2" above the top bar in the radiator.

As above and I don't trust shops.I'd go and get some cheap car coolant from the supermarket and make my own 50/50 with deionised water(Rain water or melted freezer water will do).You never know what they might have put in

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I just get the pre-dilluted 50/50. The bike uses so little it's not worth mixing

You should change your coolant within every two years.Like oil,it gets tired.
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