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Hi, New member here. Cleaned and installed the carbs today and of course the left cylinder now isn't running so I just took the off again and didn't see anything obvious that I screwed up. I will give the another go tomorrow. They sure do come off and go back on easy enough. Any thoughts?


1) The top cap with the big long spring... there is a hard plastic looking ring with a ridge under the slide. Does the ridge face up or down (into the carb body?).

2) Between the carb bodies there are two nipple looking things that to me look like they should have a short (1") hose connecting them like to maybe balance slide pressure. I have no hose there, should I add one?

3) I think the petcock has been modified as there a plugged vacuum port on the right carb and no vacuum port on the petcock.

4) Small 1/4" hose hanging along backbone under tank, looks like it is some sort of drain as it just hangs behind the rear fender. I see no place to connect it? Was that part of the petcock vacuum?

What's an 82 in nice shape with 22K on it worth?

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1 - ridge up towards vac cap

2 - No hose, these are atmospheric vents.

3 - Shouldn't matter as long as the fuel goes on and off when you want.

4 - Maybe. Photo? Sounds like a petcock vent hose.
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