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The price might be good, but remember: redoing the seals is going to cost upward of 100-300 dollars, plus around 40 man hours the first time you do it. With 77,000 miles being near the high end, I would check how the bike has been taken care of. See if you can look at the cylinder head, so you can look at the valves, top of the head, and the exhaust chamber. That can tell you a lot about how well the bike has been taken care of. I would say add double to triple the price for all the repairs to get it back up to snuf.

This bike will prob. need:

New brakes

New oil filter

New oil, coolant, and regreasing (if you have already you won't need to buy, but can cost upwards 40 bucks)

clean the carbs (o rings/gaskets are 60-90 for a complete set)

new cam chain (unless it was already done)

and if you need to do the cam chain you might as well replace all the gaskets/o rings and seals

Not that these bikes aren't easy as hell to work on, but they aren't free to fix up either.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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