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I'm pretty much down to paint now but I figured I'd start a thread anyways. This is my 81 CX500 with 06 Honda CBR 600rr front end.

Other completed mods:
  • subframe replaced with rejuve motorcycles monoshock kit and bobber seat
  • New custom wiring harness as all electronics are now under the tank on a dabbed bracket or in battery box (I think may be made by a forum member of anyone knows, I'll update this)
  • nuut tricky control unit
  • rae-san hall effect ignition
  • new ignition coils
  • Murray's upgraded reg/rect
  • shorai 8 cell lithium battery
  • new starter solenoid
  • 2 button controls
  • led headlightand bracket
  • choke relocation bracket
  • license plate lights and bracket
  • Murray's midpipes, 12" reverse cones, 8" packed baffles, custom brackets
  • under seat turn and brake signals
  • clip ons and controls
  • pod filters
  • tank relocation bracket
  • ignition switch in head tube
  • engine paint
  • rejuve radiator cover
  • custom adapters to mount 5 bolt rotors to constant (I'll update this with the model)
  • custom axle spacers
  • wheel bearings (if you use 07+ forms I believe you get a 20mm axle which are easier to find bearings for)
  • steel brake lines
  • head bearings

  • bobbed front fender
  • muffler wrap
  • better speedometer
  • paint
  • custom overflow bottle

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