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Hey guys,

Here's my first ever motorbike, she's needs some TLC but after 48 hours of having her I've made a start..

I had to replace the throttle cable first, then off came the airbox (pods ordered), bought a sealed battery and moved it up for now, along with the R+R box. I need to get a nice slim seat replacement - not sure where from or how I'm going to do this at the mo. Here's what she looks like...

image (5).jpeg

image (6).jpeg

image (3).jpeg

image (7).jpeg

This list goes on with lights (front and back), speedo, springs etc..

Let me know what you think.

Byron Bay, Australia

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Hello Jack and a nice Welcome to this forum :)

The bike looks good.
Like my sold CX.

The engine runs good ?
Before You start the main project I would check the engine:
The battery will be charged by the stator, good compression, no waterpump leaks, .....

More generally informations You will find here:

If You have at home a computer :p then download the FSM and read a lot in the WIKI.

Gruesse from Germany
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