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Mine did this as well when I first got it. I charged my battery and put it back in the bike and it started right up, but after a little riding the bike was dead again. Turns out a coil on my stator was bad and the battery wasn't charging. You might run the stator test if you're still having problems.
This ^^^^^^^^ should have been the first thing you did.

When Randall said your battery was questionable and your location didn't show when I moused over your avatar pic I assumed you were local to him and he knew about this issue off forum.
I have more time today so I looked up your IP address location (moderators can do that) and I see that you are not local to him.
If you had added your location to your profile as I asked you to do when you joined it would show when you mouse over your avatar pic and I would have suggested checking the stator last week.
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