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well I just want to thank Larry for the time and attention to detail in the Carb Bible! to say 'Fantastic Job' would be a gross misrepresentation of his intstruction manual!

Well I have one carb completely broken down, removable brass removed...even picked up the necessary drill bits (.018, .026 & .031) from the local Hobby shop for 99 cents each; I hope to continue the soak in the heated Ultrasonic with the Gunk Cleaner;

A few questions:

1) I know Larry recommends CLR for short periods; it does say on the bottle not to use on Aluminum, Brass, etc; I would imagine this recommendation comes wtih a through cleaning long is too long of a soak in the CLR?

2) Is CLR only recommended for the Brass bits, or the Carb bodies, bowls etc?

3) Is there any complete exploded parts diagrams calling out the necessary pieces parts by their proper number?

4) I will need the rubber plugs, the O-rings for Main Fuel Brass Tee, vaccumm break diaphrams, drain plug orings/seals; (if anyone has the part numbers for these it would most appreciated)

5) after removing and cleaning the Low-Jet, what is the best way to make sure it is seated properly? (Arbor Press, gentle tap with a mallet)

Ok...this getting to be a bit much thanks for any and all help all! Hope to post some pics tonight!


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Hello Rick,

Thanks for the kind words about the book.

15 to 30 minutes of soaking the CLR is safe with the bodies and any other part, (EXCEPT THE ACCELERATOR PUMP COVER). Do the CLR soak BEFORE the sonic cleaning and thorough rinsing. This will ensure it's neutralized.

The CLR will help on the outside of the bodies if you have corrosion. But you'll need to use a brush to help clean it off too.

There are exploded views of the carbs in some of the online parts sellers like THIS ONE.

As for the O-ring, I have them available in Viton rubber. Much better quality than stock or most aftermarket dealers sell. Drop me an email or PM and I'll arrange to get you a set.

The ACV valves can be had online. I use Sirius. ACV Valves

No arbor press is needed. Just tap the low jets in as described in my book. It doesn't take much to re seat them.

Good luck with the rebuild. Look forward to hearing about you're results.

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