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Might be worth a cognito-moto offset tree for that R4 front end. Might be cheaper than re-engineering the whole thing again.


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same diameter

same offset

as you can see in this picture above the friction zone for the new rotor is will only accept the 2 piston caliper no the original single piston one

no clearance issues other than the little rubber boot around my speedo cable rubbed a bit (not shown in this picture)bit i just trimmed the boot with a razorblade and it fit perfect

i also used a scotch bright pad on the inner aluminum carrier to get rid of that "pot metal" diecast surface

parts used: from the top down

1. stock or equal aftermarket cx500 master cylinder

2. i recommend a steel braided brake like

the above is optional so mroe importantly...

3. 2 piston caliper off of a cb900F

4. EBC brake rotor MD1036LS for the left side rotor MD1036RS for the right side rotor

A couple of questions for you Adam. How big of a performance difference in terms of breaking did you notice overusing the stock caliper rotor and master cylinder? When I replace my brakes I plan on using this method I do not however think that I need drilled rotors.
41 - 43 of 43 Posts
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